Clips from the new CD


Lonesome Plain FRONT Price: €15.00

1. The Lowlands of Holland (trad.arr. Dónal Clancy) 3.56
2. The Green Fields of Canada (trad.arr. Dónal Clancy) Máirseáil na Conrach (Dónal Clancy IMRO/MCPSI) 5.13
3. Drill, Ye Tarriers (trad.arr. Dónal Clancy) 3.57
4. Open the Door Softly (trad. with additional words by Archie Fisher, MCPS/PRS) 4.30
5. The Honorable Thomas Burke (Turlough O’Carolan) (trad.arr. Dónal Clancy) 3.16
6. The Waterford Waltz (trad.arr. Dónal Clancy) 3.43
7. Reynardine (trad.arr. Dónal Clancy) 3.55
8. Fling (trad.arr. Dónal Clancy) 2.23
9. Blackwater Side (trad.arr. Dónal Clancy) 4.18
10. Whiskey, You’re the Divil (trad.arr. Dónal Clancy) 2.35
11. Miss McDermott (Turlough O’Carolan) (trad.arr. Dónal Clancy) 4.45
12. Strike for Victory (Dónal Clancy, IMRO/MCPSI) 2.54
13. Idir Áird Mhór is Eochaill (trad.arr. Dónal Clancy) 3.04



img01 Price: €15.00

The great folk master, Pete Seeger, is a strong believer in the power of song. He once said that some people sing because they’re so happy they just can’t stop; some sing to keep their spirits from going five miles below hell; and some sing just to keep their courage up.*

There was a lot of singing in our house when I was growing up – at least when my father, Liam, wasn’t away performing on stages around the world. I was more content to be playing my guitar, but eventually I’d contribute the odd verse or chorus with reluctance, when coaxed.

During my father’s final years, I heard him refer to himself as “the last man standing” – as he was the last surviving member of The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem. After his death in 2009 and the grim silence that followed, I found that I just couldn’t keep from singing these songs.

-Dónal Clancy

* David King Dunaway – How Can I Keep From Singing: Pete Seeger

1. Mrs. McGrath
2. Rosin the Bow
3. The Broom of the Cowdenknowes
4. The Limerick Rake
5. Sally Brown
6. Heave Away My Johnny
7. Eileen Arúin
8. Nancy Whiskey
9. An Crúiscín Lán
10. I Once Loved a Lass
11. The Sean-Bhean Bhocht
12. Roddy McCorley